Wecome to the JPUB’s Thoughts & Things (TNT). In this space we will share thoughts and things that flow from my mind as questions and share thoughts.The story could be long as a book, or short as a paragraph. What’s important, the reason it is a story.Also a platform for thoughts about combat survivors & their families.

Here we are

I really enjoy learning. New information, new thoughts, different ways of thinking about things and a greaterappreciation fordifferences. I have had manypossibilities not to be here. Surviving death in war (Vietnam with 3rd Marines Long Range Recon Company), two 100% blocked arties in my heart (my heart grew new bloodvessels around the blockage), lung cancer (found it in stage 1, the spot was cut out and no need for chemical orradiation treatment.

However, cancer’schallenge came again. End of last year I had Badder cancer. Blessed again, I had 33 Radiation treatments and almost the same number of chemo treatments. In August the doctors told me I was cancer free. Atruly blessed life. I’m retired, writing the second book of the‘Lost Survivor’ trilogy, involved with community activities I believe in, and most importanly happy with the love in my home. I will be sharing more about what it took for me to be here.

Marines Corps Birthday November 10

Attended the Marine Corps Ball/Toys for Tots gala at the Crown Plaza.I was a Doc with the 3rd Marine's Long Range Recon in Vietnam. Whenchecking in I was asked how old I was and when was my birthday. November 17th is my birthday, I would be 70 years old. I was told I would be apart of the ‘cut the cake’ ceremony. The youngest and the oldest Marine at the ball are presented with the first cut of the cake. Yes, I was the oldest Marine at the ball:)

Veterans Day 2014

Veterans' day started the night before, speaking at the Glen Carbon Centennial Library, which was voted the best small library in the USA. They have a fireplace with big nice chairs. I enjoyed sharing the time with them.

Springfield Veterans' day parade, I had the honor to be the parade's Grand Marshall. It was cold, yet there was warmth seeing the people lined the parade route. After the parade, I was the speaker at the state capitol building and Camp Butler. Attended the wreath laying at the D.A.V lakeside post.

A thought story

In the bottom of a lake lived the mud people. Their whole life is spent fighting the mud. It forced them to keep their heads down, they never looked up. Their world was sucking, thick mud. Every where they stepped they would sink into mud and had to fight to get their feet loose from the mud to take the next step. A young man, who was tired of the mud, asked want was above them. Everyone answered, something terrible. Everyone who let go of the mud was swept away never to be seen again. The young man did not want to believe that the only way to survive was to hold onto the mud. Then one day he said I’m so tired of mud, I don’t want to die and sink deeper into mud. When you stopped moving, the mudengulfed you and sucked down deeper into it. I’m going to let go of the mud, whatever happenswill be better the dying in the mud. He let go of cling to the mud. The current in the lake grapped him and dragged across the bottom of the lake. He bounced off rocks, he was sure he was going to die. Then suddenly thecurrent took him up. He broke the surface of lake and the warm of the sun greeted him. As he swam to the shore of the lake he saw trees and grass. He laughed, I knowwhy no body came back to the mud.

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