Lost Survivor

Lost Survivor Book. published by J Publications, Inc.

For anyone who been to war, or loved someone who came home from war, this book is a must-read!

This historical fiction story is based on actual events in the Author’s life. It could be about any soldier in any war; the details change, but the heart of the matter is survival.

Johnny Douglas survives the horrors of the Vietnam war, but returns home as JD, a stranger to family and friends.

Lost Survivor is the first book of a trilogy by Vietnam veteran, Author, Playwright, Producer,Thomas R. Jones, Sr.

Don’t miss this riveting study of one soldier’s struggle to stay alive both on and off the battle-fields of Vietnam. Surviving the jungles of Vietnam as a Navy Corpsman assigned to a Marine Recon unit is only half of JD’s journey. Now this combat-hardened soldier must fight to find the man inside who can survive come home. Written in the tradition of Crane’s Red Badge of Courage, Lost Survivor captivates readers and leaves them thinking long afterward.

J Publications, Inc. 2013