On the road

On the road, to San Francso Route 101, going south.

U.S. Route 101 is the major north and south highway, which connects Eureka to the rest of the North Coast region. The highway connects to Oregon, located approximately 100 miles to the north of Eureka, and San Francisco, 271 miles to the south. About a 4 hours & 45 min drive though steep mountains, with narrow valleys, canyons, and dense redwood, Douglas fir, and oak forests.

30 miles south of Eureka we stopped at the Humboldt redwoods State Park. The world's largest remaining contiguousold-growth forestofcoast redwoods. Redwoods’ trees are the largest living thing in the world, many of which grow to over 300 feet in height.The trees here are thousands of years old and have never been logged. An amazing place filled with wonders that can be found on no other place on Earth. Like places that they have build roads through the trees.

The man on top of the tree looks like an ant.

We didn’t stay long. But the sights we did see are unforgettable. Growing up in flat land Illinois these trees fit into tv boxes. Being among the giants trees, you realize how small you are. However, though redwoods are the largest living thing in the world they are forests on mountains. Traveling through California we will be driving up, down, around mountains.

Back on the road.


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