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Jones, Thomas

Tom Jones grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and enlisted in the Navy in 1965. After training as a Navy Corpsman (medic), he was shipped to South Vietnam in June, 1967 and was assigned to a Marine Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol. He spent his tour on extended patrols deep behind enemy lines in central South Vietnam. Following his return to the U.S., he struggled to adjust back to normal life, and eventually counselled other returning G.I.s. He wrote a book based on his experiences entitled "Lost Survivor."

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Returned as a different person


Interview Session 01 (Audio)

Early years and training as Navy Corpsman

Interview Session 02 (Audio)

Combat in Vietnam with Marine LRRP Team

Interview Session 03 (Audio)

Coming home and reflections on service in Viet Nam

Interview Session 04 (Audio)

Adjusting to civilian life & career, and writing on his experiences


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Katheryn Maybery, Tom Jones’ mother, relaxes in a tavern in a southside Chicago neighborhood sometime in the early 1960s. Katheryn managed a tavern at the time.


Chicago, Illinois


Early 1960s


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