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Corporate Secretary

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Served 18 years in Illinois State Government in executive, management, and technical positions at Illinois Departments of: Revenue, Registration & Education,Conservation,Public Aid,Commerce & Community Affairs,Administrative Services,Central Management Services. She served as Deputy Director and Chief Deputy Director for the Departments of Accounting Revenue and Data Processing at the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office, President and Owner of C.A. Bonds & Associates, CEO, Jones & Jones Consultants. She has provided management consulting services to international corporations such as Motorola’s Compter Systems.Served as Business System consultant to Honeywell Bull and Motorola.

Every generation of her family has committed to military service, a tradition continued today by the service of her Son-in-law as a Gunny Sergeant in the Marine Corps.

Carol and Tom were married in 1986 in Phoenix, Arizona. She has been research assistant, first-rung reader and editor, encouragement, support, and antagonist when needed to ensure the ‘dream’ would continue.

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